Rural Realty in Augusta offers what can be hard to find these days – personalized service.

Owner/broker Randy Durst believes in being an independent real estate agency. He believes staying independent gives him and his agents a better chance of serving the best needs of their customers, and stays away from the franchise menu others offer.

And being a family-owned, full-service real estate agency for the past 20 years has allowed Rural Realty to build a trusting relationship with the county.

“Tell us what you need, and we’ll give you a quick and honest answer on your property,” Randy assures his customers.

Being a full-service agency allows Rural Realty to deal with all aspects of the business, from small lots to houses to large tracts of land.

Conveniently located in the center of the county in Augusta on Route 50, Rural Realty is open from 9-5, Monday through Friday, and 9 until noon on Saturday. Or you can give them a call at 496-7544 to set up an appointment after hours if it is more convenient.

Selling property? Definitely call Rural Realty.
Buying? You guessed it. Call Rural Realty.
They can meet your needs today.

Phone: 304-496-7544 | Fax: 304-496-8443 | E-mail

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